Kulinart: Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt

Saturday 26th October, 2013

Once a year, but this was the event's tenth anniversary, so just a bit special. 

Dating back to 1900 and the former mainline tram depot, the host Bockenheimer Depot building was only lightly damaged in 1944's air raids and after reconstruction was decommissioned to become the city's municipal theatre and cultural events venue.

This particular event, as its 'Kulinart' name suggests, was mostly to do with culinary culture, but it's more comfortable to sit when eating, so there were chair sellers and chairs are made comfortable by the addition of cushions, so there were cushion sellers, and Christmas is coming, so a few dangling baubles were offered, Buddhas to bow to, lamps to see by, bowls to ornament, spices to make tastier, wines to wash it all down and make happy. 

In fact, it was so welcoming that after a first tour at noon, we had ourselves 'branded' for an evening revisit.

Roll on 2014!

A lot could be said - and written - but why waste words when images say so much more? 



......and just across the road and around the corner a reminder, to remember not to forget: Gunter Demnig's Stolpersteine.......which speak for themselves and for those they commemorate. 

Bockenheim, Frankfurt am Main

all Olympus OM-D EM-5